Who’s Junie

JunieMoon_WEB-0380Who’s Junie?

Hi, my name is Junie Moon and I help people create successful, passionate, joyous and healthy lives. By lowering the volume of their Inner Critic Voice and then raising the volume up on the voices that empower, inspire and build their self-worth,  people are able to make bold choices in their relationships and businesses.

Why I do this work…

What a blessing it is for me to see human beings soar.  Offering powerful transformational tools I have learned through the years gives my clients the opportunity to build the business of their dreams, have soulful, honest, intimate relationships with a significant other, and feel deep joy in knowing that they are in alignment with their Soul Purpose.  Helping men and women know that healing and transformation is not only possible but theirs for the taking is what fills my heart.

My Story…

I have had my own long and winding journey. I have experienced low self-esteem, fear of not being good enough, lack of focus and very poor health. My lack of self-worth and fear of loss kept me from having a healthy marriage.  The feeling of emptiness in my heart had me binge-eating myself to 200 pounds leading to even more physical and emotional pain.  And my fear of judgment kept me small, my heart-light dim and my life feeling empty instead of full. On the outside I looked vibrant, happy and successful but on the inside I felt lost, alone and broken.

What I did to re-claim my life…

Living this sad, painful half-life was not OK. I wanted to be happy and living a full life, filled with love and great relationships. And so I embarked on my healing journey. I have read many self-help books, attended numerous transformational workshops, embraced spiritual practices to open my inner knowing, and had a wonderful therapist. All these were powerful pieces to my life puzzle and prepared me for what came next.

Shadow Work® is a personal growth modality that shifted my old programming which made me feel disempowered and crappy to finally feeling whole, happy and powerful. Because of its impact on my life I became certified as a group facilitator and coach.   A whole new world of possibilities opened up for me and for the women with whom I now get to share this work.

What is true for me now…

I am happy. I have an inner strength that keeps me focused, grounded and fulfilled.  I eat well, exercise regularly and have not gone up the scale again for over 15 years. I have a successful business empowering people and love what I do. AND I have a wonderful relationship with my mom toward whom I had had a lot of anger which kept me from loving her freely for many years.

I love myself and shine my light for the world to see without apology. I will not dim my heart-light for anyone, and I embrace my Soul Purpose because it is why I am on this planet. I am not here to play small but to LIVE BIG.

Some more interesting things about me…..

  • I am a professionally trained actress and have worked on films with Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen and Demi Moore (just to drop a few names…).
  • I howl at the moon every chance I get.
  • I have an 22 year-old son. Being a mom has been my greatest teacher. Certainly the most challenging job on the planet. It continues to make me stronger and also brings me to my knees. Surrender…Surrender…Surrender….
  • I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and practice in Montclair, NJ. Click here for website.
  • I still dream about having my own retreat center for transformation and rejuvenation.

Why working with me will amplify your joy and success and last…

You may be like many of my clients: going the scenic route experiencing different roads to Rome….self-help books, personal development weekends, therapy and different coaching modalities. They are courageous men and women who want a richer, fuller life in alignment with their heart’s truth. 

But after all the different growth opportunities, they realized that something wasn’t working. All the Aha’s they were having didn’t really make a long-term difference. They were still unsatisfied and yearning for more.

Old negative patterns of behavior kept popping up, sabotaging their business and personal life even after all the self-knowledge they’d accrued.  Feelings of low self-esteem continued to haunt them and numbing out with TV, sex, over-working and food were common occurrences.

Lack of focus and productivity coupled with negative self-talk and feelings of hopelessness wreaked havoc on their ability to be happy.

Does this tell your story as well? That’s where my work comes in. It shines a light on what you don’t see and shifts it once and for all. There is old programming running under the conscious radar that limits you and keeps you from living a healthy, big magnificent life.

Together we can align you with your truth.

I offer you transformation that sticks.  Affirmations and goal-setting can take you so far. If you have old limiting beliefs that can rear their ugly heads just when you are about to make a big presentation for work, you’re toast.

So let me be straight with you.

I truly believe until you uncover and transform the old messaging that lingers and continues to run your life show, you will keep getting in your own way. You will continue to feel less than the powerful, beautiful soul that you are and that is just not OK. 

Time is ticking. You deserve to feel whole, ecstatic and powerful.

If you want to learn what’s possible for you, let’s schedule a discovery session. Click here to schedule a time for us right now.

The world needs you and the gifts you offer.

You can contact me at junie@coachjuniemoon.com or 973-464-8739

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