You’re Frustrated that Something In Your Life Isn’t Working,  You Can’t Seem to Figure It Out, But You Know Something Holds You  Back from Living Fully and Feeling Free.

You’re not where you thought you would be at this point in your life and that has you very concerned. In fact, it’s taking a toll on your spirit and has you questioning whether you have what it takes.

Today is the Day Your Whole Life Can Change…

You made it here for a reason.  You feel a yearning, a calling inside of you that is getting stronger by the day.

But every time you imagine what you want, there’s a voice in your head that tells you something like this:

  • “Well, HOW do you intend to do that?”
  • “It’s too risky.”
  • “That’s not possible, you should just stick to what you know and not even bother. Be realistic!”
  • “Other people are better than you. Who do you think you are?”

You have a dream of how you want your life to be.  You have a hunger to live boldly and big – You know there’s more to life and you want it.  You want to feel more fulfilled.

Junie Moon has been an amazing gift in my journey to honor and fully accept & express my authentic self.  She brings vast knowledge, lluminated energy, empathy & compassion, along with a firm yet flexible presence as she supports the exploration of the darkest corners of the soul…. with the intent of bringing to light the brilliant gifts we all are.

– with eternal gratitude, Dori

My name is Junie Moon Schreiber, and I help people just like you create a passionate, successful and fulfilling life and business by teaching you how to turn down the volume on your inner critic, and help you get unstuck for GOOD, so you can feel free and empowered to create any life you dream possible!

Positive thinking and affirmations just don’t cut it because it’s like spraying air freshener on a pile of garbage.

Until you take the garbage out, the smell is still there wreaking havoc on your life. That’s exactly how your inner critic works. It stinks up your plans and sabotages your dreams.

When I work with my clients, and they turn down that inner critic voice, amazing transformations happen. They have a new-found inner power and their lives take off which brings them a deep fulfillment and joy.

My clients have reported things like:

  • Feeling increased energy, clarity and motivation to move mountains
  • Trusting their gut without fear of other people’s opinions
  • Clearer communication with friends and healthier, more loving relationships
  • Business flourishing due to stronger, bolder action taking
  • Finding the free time to do things that matter to them
  • A deeper sense of aliveness, passion, and joy

Let’s get you started…

I’d like to get you started today by inviting you to a  a free Discovery Session with me and we’ll take the next step together toward creating the life you really want!

In this dive deep  60 Minute call, we’ll get clear  about your deepest desires, your challenges and how to knock those blocks out of your way so you can live authentically without apology.

Now is YOUR time. Let’s get you living the life you deserve.

I’ve taken numerous self-improvement courses and read many self-improvement books over the years, but I’ve never, EVER in my life gotten what I have gotten in the short amount of time with Junie. I have a new sense of clarity, power, and freedom for myself that I’ve never had before. There was something holding me back in many areas of my life, especially in my business, marriage, and education. I highly recommend Junie’s services to anyone who is looking to strengthen areas in their life that they feel need to be strengthened or explored. I wish I had to the words to express how powerful this is to me.

– Brian Nerger