Time Keeps on Slipping…

Everything is moving so fast. Do you feel it? My mom pointed out I misspelled a word in a post. Yikes!! I would have been devastated years ago but now I say hmmmm, what was that about? Ahh, moving faster than a speeding bullet and I am not superwoman. Might need to slow down huh?

I feel the passage of time so much lately. It’s August and I am almost half way through my last 40 something year. yep, 50 is on it’s way. So strange this number game and yet, again, it makes me think…hmmm, what do I want for my life? What do I choose for my life? What is my soul purpose here? How can I serve? I may not like the passage of time but it truly humbles me and reminds me of the sacred blessed present. i wish you a beautiful moment right now as you read this.

~ Blessings, Junie

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