152: Face Reading: The Secret Technique for Easier Online Dating with Julie Parker

151: Normalizing Age and Loving Midlife with Jacqueline (Jack) Perez

In our current society, there’s a huge gap between mini skirts and adult diapers. There’s a message that as women age we lose our value. This eye-opening episode speaks on how to redefine and see the opportunities that present themselves

149: Break the Painful Patterns with Junie Moon

​​Repeating relationship patterns can be painful. While it is common in life and relationships to do what you have always done, you can still struggle to create something new, different and what you really want for yourself like love. 


148: When “You Need to Change!” is a Good Thing in Your Relationship with Lisa Holt

Do you ever feel like you have to change in your relationship? Have you refused to change? Relationships are teachers and catalysts for growth, if you allow it. Let’s reframe what change is and how change can actually help you

145: How to Move From Messaging to the Actual Man with Junie Moon

​​Have you ever found yourself stuck in text-me-land? You’ve been making this great connection. The man is amazing and you haven’t even met him yet. You may even be wondering if you’re ever going to get off of messaging

144: Sex, Love and Commitment from a Man’s Perspective with Jonathon Aslay

Sex, Love and Commitment from an Man’s Perspective is very different from a woman’s perspective. Women often get stuck in their heads about why men do what they do, and what they are really looking for.  We take a look

143: Get a Man Addicted to You with Barbara Santen

You can check off the boxes on your list for your ideal man but that doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want when you check them! Let’s be honest. List making alone will not bring you your dream man. Why?

142: Connect to Your Sexual Self with Amy Palatnick

Being honest and true to yourself is so important and yet sharing your truth can feel challenging,  especially in the bedroom.

Amy Palatnick is in the house. Instead of going to medical school, she became a potter. Luckily for her,

140: How to Attract a Healthy, Sustainable Intimate Relationship with Roy Biancalana

Starting over in love is not as simple as hopping on a dating app and calling in a new man. To have success and attract someone that is different, you need to be in tip top relationship shape.


139: Receive Extraordinary Healing to Attract Love with Adrien Blackwell

As you know, your thoughts create your reality. What you believe influences everything. What if you can change your beliefs and have a huge healing around calling in your soulmate?

Celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell, has been featured on many TV