165: The Connection between Healthy Finances and Healthy Love with Sarry Ibrahim

Getting your ducks in a row when it comes to your finances is also an important part of feeling secure within yourself when on the dating scene. When it comes to the psychology of money, just like love, the biggest

164: Emotional Mastery: How to Light Up Your Love Life with Andrea Isaacs

Are you ready to be lit up and go through life with your authentic wholeness? Knowing your unique blueprint can help you change the way you react to things. It can also help improve your relationships. 

Controlling your emotions doesn’t

163: Don’t Settle. Listen to Your Head, Heart and HooHa! with Laurie Gerber

What happens when you show up in your relationship with the idea that love is a verb? And how do you actually engage and actually make love a verb, not just a concept in a relationship? 

If you’re stuck in

162: A Conscious Man’s Perspective on Sex, Love and Intimacy with Michael Neeley

In this fun, “real talk” episode with Michael Neeley we chat about attachment versus commitment, how to use a list of what you’re looking for to become the partner that you are calling in, and how to keep your sex

161: Embodiment as the Path to Finding Love with Amara Pagano

Embodiment is certainly a buzz word nowadays but what is it really? And how is embodiment connected to your growth, your awakening and for finding your dream partner.

There is a disconnect with our body since we are living mostly

160: Transform Insecurities Into Being Irresistible with Madeline Charles

You know that you can have some pretty big feelings from time to time.  Emotions like jealousy, insecurity, and fear are normal when you’re dating or in a relationship.

What if you could own your Feminine Mess and it be

159: Follow Your Heart or Head – Which One to Listen to? with Ken Bechtel

You have your checklist. You know the kind of man you want.  You’re looking for substance and depth in a partner, but what does that really mean? Many think it’s about what substance and depth look like externally instead of

158: Red Flags in Dating You Should Watch Out For with Junie Moon

If you’re constantly looking for the red flags or green flags in the other person when you’re dating or in a relationship, here’s an empowering shift. 

What if you connect with how you feel around a person? What are the

154: Menopause, the Super Power, is Happening FOR You with Dr. Cari Schaefer

Women have three major shifts in life. Child years, fertility years and wise woman years. Menopause is happening FOR you not TO you but no one is talking about what this means and how powerful this stage in life can

153: How to Stop Your Inner Critic from Sabotaging You with Junie Moon

You really desire big love and have big dreams for your life. So why does our inner critic sabotage everything you want? Why does it say all those mean, nasty things to you? 

Your inner critic created very tricky strategies