98: Being Solo is the Key to Happiness with Junie Moon

Here is a special episode with your favorite love coach, me! 

I used to hate being alone. To say I was uncomfortable is an understatement. I felt unseen. I felt unloved. I thought, why don’t people want me? What’s wrong

90: How Stripping Saved My Life with Maria Merloni

Who would think that being an exotic dancer could change your life for the better.  Maria Merloni, a Sex and Relationship coach shared her amazing journey on Midlife Love Out Loud about being a dancer and how it led her

83: Why You Keep Picking the Wrong Man with Iris Benrubi

It’s so frustrating when you think you’re done dating the same guy and find yourself back down the same rabbit hole like before! Let’s change that pattern, shall we?

Iris Benrubi is a Dating and Relationship expert, Registered Psychotherapist and …

82: Vagina Joy with Susan Bratton

OMG! I just interviewed Susan Bratton, and let me tell you, if there’s one episode on Midlife Love Out Loud to listen to, this is it!!! She talked about VAGINA JOY! She gave so many awesome tips on how to

77: How to release sexual shame with Vireo Karvonen

Midlife sex can feel awesome & it also can feel really hard.  You want more connection and great orgasms however you might be feeling shut down or stuck. If you want to embody  with embodying your full, beautiful juicy goddess

45: How To Experience Ecstatic Ecstasy with Joanna Shakti

Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love™ Mentor and founder of Ecstatic Intimacy,™ is smart, sexy, and a little bit spicy. You can’t miss her passion and warm playful style that both entertains and inspires. No other person on the planet possesses …

44: A Man’s Perspective – How to Find Your Soulmate Online with David Collins

Do you ever wonder what a guy thinks when it comes to dating? How about dating do’s and don’ts from a man’s perspective? I am thrilled to share with you David Collins. He is NOT a psychologist or a dating

43: A Vulnerable Share: Black Lives Matter, Love & How To Make Difference with Junie Moon

Message form Junie: I STAND FOR LOVE and my work is about healing hearts one at a time so the world can be a better place. That is my mission. More love everywhere for everyone. 

When George Floyd was killed,

40: How To Find Your Spark In Midlife Love With Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson is an inspiration and leader for women who are ready to awaken into the fullest version of themselves at midlife and leave a meaningful impact on the world. As a Midlife Mentor, confused and disengaged women in their …

25: Deirdre Mahon: Shift Your Mindset & Embrace Your Midlife Goddess

Deirdre Mahon is the owner of DeeVa GLAM, and on a mission to influence and inspire women to embrace their feminine and live in a more exciting world of GLAM that empowers them to live their best and most adventurous