Season 2: Episode 24: Create Your Space for Love with Eileen Jager

What do you have hanging on your wall in your bedroom? Why do I want to know, you may ask? I just interviewed Eileen Jager on Midlife Love Out Loud and she shared how to Feng Shui  your home to

Season 2: Episode 23: How to use your intuition with Catherine Carrigan

Do you feel uncomfortable body sensations and don’t know exactly why they’re there or what it means? Do you “just  know” something is wrong  but don’t really know how you know these things or what to do about it? These

Season 2: Episode 22: How to release sexual shame with Vireo Karvonen

Midlife sex can feel awesome & it also can feel really hard.  You want more connection and great orgasms however you might be feeling shut down or stuck. If you want to embody  with embodying your full, beautiful juicy goddess

Season 2: Episode 21: How to balance a successful business and love with CEO Sage Lavine

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to be successful in business and have love too? Do you get concerned that you might have to let go of your passion in order to make a relationship work? I had the

Season 2: Episode 20: 3 Keys to Create a Career that Lights You Up! with Khara Marie

When you finish your work day do you feel more energy or are you exhausted? Does your career light you up? If not, maybe it’s time for a career change.  On this week’s Midlife Love Out Loud episode we discuss

Season 2: Episode 19: Ride Your Dragon To Manifest Your Dreams with Karin Green

We can learn a lot from the Dragon and its power.  When you have a dream and you make the bold decision to go for it,  you’ll have fears that will show up. It’s natural. Stepping into the unknown can

Season 2: Episode 18: Making Change your Bitch with Kelle Sparta

Change can feel so hard. You might fight it. You might avoid it like the plague.  BUT you need to embrace change so you can create the life you desire. If you’d like to “MAKE CHANGE YOUR BITCH” and it

Season 1: Episode 17: Why being jealous is golden with Junie Moon

When you’re jealous you feel like you’re missing out on something or that something is wrong with you for not having it, right? That’s not a pleasant way to feel.  What if I told you that getting jealous can change

Season 2: Episode 16: Break through your heart wall and live limitless with Kathy Basel

Did you know you probably have a heart wall?  That’s right,  93% of people have it and this is NOT something your cardiologist can fix. All kidding aside, it makes sense that you have built up a fortress around your

Season 2: Episode 15: How to Heal from Betrayal with Dr. Debi Silber

Betrayal is the ultimate gut punch. It burns through trust and can keep you from opening up your heart again. What if I told you there is a syndrome called Post Betrayal Syndrome and a system you can use to