108: 3 Steps to Attract Your Dream Man with Sandra Hay

Self love is the key to magnificent relationships. Without it, you suffer…period. How you feel about yourself and treat yourself is so important to attracting a man worthy of you and feeling great about life.

That’s why I jumped at

107: #1 Key to Love Success with Junie Moon

Over and over I come back to the importance of commitment. Without it, things fall by the wayside. It’s not enough to just date. It’s not enough to just get clear about who you want and why. There has to

106: Calling in the Divine Feminine with Kenlyn Kolleen

More than ever, people are talking about the Divine Feminine.  Do you actually know what it is or how to connect to her? Are you aware of the cost of living in a patriarchal culture? In this powerful episode of

105: Create Your Own Unique Style with Kim Hancher

It can be such a challenge knowing what to wear on your first date let alone everyday life. What if there was a way to simplify your wardrobe and feel great about what you wear? I just interviewed Kim Hancher,

104: The Spiritual Path to Love with Marcela McBride

Do you sense there’s something missing in your life, like you have a deeper purpose that hasn’t been fulfilled? Check out this  inspiring conversation with Marcela McBride on Midlife Love Out Loud. Marcela supports women in uncovering their deeper purpose,

103: The Power of Yoga in Midlife with Antonia Balazs

We get messages everywhere telling us that we are less beautiful as the years go on. Add the mirror to that message and well, we start to feel less than. Then we lose connection to our bodies. Not a shocker

102: The Power of Self Love with Sara Jane

Is it ok to love yourself? It’s not just ok, it’s imperative! The sad reality is you have not been taught how. You have been told to think of others’ needs first and that it’s selfish to think of yourself.

101: Break Up with Your Old Self with Antia Boyd

You want love. You’re doing all the right things. You’re serious about finding a better partner than before BUT you are struggling. You keep attracting emotionally unavailable men. Why is that? On today’s episode of Midlife Love Out Loud, Antia

100: How to Move from Mediocre to Magnificent with Laurie Wright

Are you settling for a mediocre life?  Why is that? I just interviewed Laurie Wright, aka Not Your Average Grandma and the founder of the Second Half SPARK School and she had a ton to share about creating a life

99: A Man’s Perspective on Midlife Love with Mark Van der Gaag

Would you like to know the secret to calling in a great guy?  Would you like to connect your purpose, passion, and vision so you can experience more love? I had the great privilege of speaking to Mark Van der