98: Being Solo is the Key to Happiness with Junie Moon

Here is a special episode with your favorite love coach, me! 

I used to hate being alone. To say I was uncomfortable is an understatement. I felt unseen. I felt unloved. I thought, why don’t people want me? What’s wrong

97: Top Notch Dating Tips with Evan Marc Katz

There is no right or wrong when it comes to dating however there are effective and ineffective strategies. I just interviewed the amazing Evan Marc Katz, the “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women,” and sister, you do not want …

96: Cultivating Radical Self Care To Call In Love with Amy Elizabeth Gordon

So many women are afraid of being selfish. The fact is you need to be more selfish. Say what?  Yep, you need to be more self-centered BUT not in the shadow way you have witnessed. Being “healthy selfish” allows you

95: The Secret to Finding a Quality Man with Lisa Copeland

Are there quality men out there? How do you meet them? Is it possible to find one who isn’t looking for a younger woman? Lisa Copeland, leading internationally recognized Love Coach and Dating Expert came on my show Midlife Love

94: How to Spot a Narcissist with Sherry Gaba

You have your first few dates. You think – Yes! I found a man that makes me feel wonderful. Then, you notice some anxiousness when you’re with him. It’s not your normal fear. Something is not right. Feeling uncomfortable is …

93: How to Heal Your Hunger with Tricia Nelson

Are you an emotional eater? Have you tried every diet only to feel like a failure when you went back up the scale? There are reasons you struggle. This week on Midlife Love Out Loud I had the pleasure of

92: How to Get Your Sexy Back with Tara Galeano

We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for guidance. We have NOT been taught to go within.  Your body is a powerful resource filled with wisdom. When you tap into that inner wisdom and know your truth, you

91: How to Heal Your Heart After Toxic Love with Denise Kavaliauskas

Do you find yourself attracting narcissists over and over? Why is that and is there a way to break that pattern? This week on the Midlife Love Out Loud podcast I interviewed Denise Kavaliauskas and she had a ton to

90: How Stripping Saved My Life with Maria Merloni

Who would think that being an exotic dancer could change your life for the better.  Maria Merloni, a Sex and Relationship coach shared her amazing journey on Midlife Love Out Loud about being a dancer and how it led her

89: Becoming a Queen of Worth with Dr. Kelly Schuh

When you don’t know how worthy you are, you will play small.  When you don’t have access to the vibrant queen within, you will “date down” according to worth expert Dr. Kelly Schuh.

This week on  the Midlife Love Out