Date the Man…not his Phone!

You know me, as your Love Coach, I’m always looking for new tips to give to you to streamline your dating process so you can call in love that actually works.

I don’t want you wasting your time.

I don’t …

Are you holding yourself back?

When you put yourself out in the world, do you find yourself holding back your truth?

Whether you’re dating someone new, in a relationship, or just in your day-to-day interactions with people…do you feel like if you show the

This is hard to share…

I don’t think there is anything more painful than not being fully me.

In my marriage, I walked on eggshells to avoid rocking the boat.

I was scared if I spoke up, he would rage, I’d feel unloved and crumble.…

How to Have Healthy Boundaries

Did anyone ever tell you that there’s a BIG difference between picking your battles and not letting yourself be walked all over?

It’s all good and well to be someone who doesn’t like to upset the apple cart. Maybe you’re …