131: How Vedic Astrology Helps Your Love Life with Carol Allen

There are seasons of love. There are reasons you have dry spells and times of abundance in love.

Carol Allen is a happily married Vedic astrologer and relationship coach whose mission is to empower women to enjoy truly “out of

130: How to Get Your Sexy Back During Stressful Times with Heather Donaldson

Are you feeling sexy or has Covid got you down? When you are dating, you want to feel vibrant, juicy and alive. Well, you hopefully want to feel that way whether you are dating or not!

Heather Lee Donaldson coaches …

129: Break Your Toxic Patterns with Katie Kozlowski

Your body is so wise. It remembers everything! The good, the bad and the ugly. Especially your painful, past experiences.  The problem with that is, when you least expect it, you will find yourself creating drama in your life. Why?

128: Using Mindful Dating to Find Love with Marie Thouin

Can dating be fun? Yes. Are there other ways, besides dating apps, to meet people? Yes. Dr. Marie Thouin, the founder of Love InSight, shared about mindful dating. Marie had some hot tips that will surely influence your dating outcome

127: Why You People Please & How to Stop with Emily Snider

Do you find yourself people pleasing? There’s a reason and it’s not what you think. Emily Snider shared why you struggle with this behavior, how to change it and what’s possible in love when you do. 

Emily Arin Snider is

126: Secrets for Loving Yourself at Any Age with Marilyn Gordon

One might think self-love is a given, but it’s not. It’s crazy. People struggle to truly beleive their own beauty and have negative chatter between their ears that influences how they show up for their life. 

Marilyn Gordon, a transformational

125: How to Gain Confidence with Ease with Rachel Smets

When it comes to dating, confidence is key.  Without it, you struggle, period. There’s nothing worse than second guessing yourself after a date when he doesn’t call you back or just feeling low about yourself. Dating is challenging enough, but

124: How to Use Meditation & Gratitude to Call in Your Man with Lori Saitz

Meditating can feel like a waste of time (and hard to do), but did you know that it not only saves you time, it also helps you have better dating success? Lori Saitz, the CEO of Zen Rabbit and the

123: Why Successful Women Struggle to Find Their Man with Raeeka Yaghmai

There are reasons successful women struggle in love. Want to find out what they are and date differently? Check out the amazing interview with Raeeka Yaghmai. 

Raeeka Yaghmai is an award-winning dating blogger, host of the DWC-TV, and the founder

122: Calling in Love in a New Way with Junie Moon

Another year has passed and you might be having some feelings. You might be wondering, “How am I still single?” or “How can I do the new year differently so next year I have someone to share it with?”  Wherever …