155: Map Your Erotic Territory for More Pleasure with Elizabeth Carrington

What if you understood your sexual needs? What really turns you on and off? What if you had a map to your erotic territory and then were able to easily share that map with a partner? Everything would change in

154: Menopause, the Super Power, is Happening FOR You with Dr. Cari Schaefer

Women have three major shifts in life. Child years, fertility years and wise woman years. Menopause is happening FOR you not TO you but no one is talking about what this means and how powerful this stage in life can

153: How to Stop Your Inner Critic from Sabotaging You with Junie Moon

You really desire big love and have big dreams for your life. So why does our inner critic sabotage everything you want? Why does it say all those mean, nasty things to you? 

Your inner critic created very tricky strategies

152: Face Reading: The Secret Technique for Easier Online Dating with Julie Parker

151: Normalizing Age and Loving Midlife with Jacqueline (Jack) Perez

In our current society, there’s a huge gap between mini skirts and adult diapers. There’s a message that as women age we lose our value. This eye-opening episode speaks on how to redefine and see the opportunities that present themselves

150: Soul Contracts: Break the cycle of Your Suffering with Jean Atman

You are the creator of your own reality even when life is full of hardships, challenges and struggles whether you are conscious of it or not. Soul Contracts are a big part of the grand scheme of things to help

149: Break the Painful Patterns with Junie Moon

​​Repeating relationship patterns can be painful. While it is common in life and relationships to do what you have always done, you can still struggle to create something new, different and what you really want for yourself like love. 


148: When “You Need to Change!” is a Good Thing in Your Relationship with Lisa Holt

Do you ever feel like you have to change in your relationship? Have you refused to change? Relationships are teachers and catalysts for growth, if you allow it. Let’s reframe what change is and how change can actually help you

147: Become the Heroine of Your Divorce Story with Andrea Hipps

Divorce is not who you are. It was something you experienced. What happens when we shift the label and own your new Single-hood from an empowered place? Let’s look at divorce as the Hero(ine)’s journey and reclaim your power so

146: Reconnect to Your Intuitive, Creative Knowing to Call in Love with Amber Bonnici

Creativity is not just “art like activities”. Creativity is the clothes you wear, the way you do your hair, the scent you wear, cooking, gardening and so much more. It is an invitation to reconnect with your radiance, your energy