Season 1: Episode 10: Finding Grace in Loss with Jenn Cormier

Grief is a topic most people shy away from and yet it’s everywhere and part of everything. We lose loved ones, marriages, homes. It’s part of life. When you have a relationship with grief, you can experience a grace that

Season 2: Episode 9: The power of reinventing yourself in midlife with Deb Johnstone

When you think of starting over in life, does it excite you? Does it feel scary? Chances are you’re feeling a mixture of emotions and that’s totally normal.  The real question is, why would you want to reinvent yourself in

Season 2: Episode 8: Discover what the Awe Factor is with Peggy DeLong

Is there such a thing as a negative emotion? Can you actually experience joy on command? Find out how you can cultivate more happiness right now on this week’s episode. 

Dr. Peggy DeLong is a psychologist with a private practice

Season 2: Episode 7: Take off your mask! with Junie Moon

During this pandemic you must wear a mask BUT are you wearing more than one? Are You wearing a mask that you don’t  need?  I bet you are! In this episode, Junie sheds some light on the invisible masks you

Season 2: Episode 6: How to get your sexy back with Tina Hong

So many women in midlife struggle with low self-esteem, low energy and insecurities about how they look.  Dating is hard enough and feeling overweight and lethargic adds to this already challenging stage of life.  

Enter Tina Hong, health coach extraordinaire!

Season 2: Episode 5: Sex Magic! How to use orgasm to have it all with Laurie Handlers

Did you know you can use your sexual energy to manifest your desires in life and love?  Have you ever heard about SEX MAGIC?

If you want to know more, then listen to this episode with Laurie Handlers! 

Laurie Handlers

Season 2: Episode 4: The Beauty in Loss with Junie Moon

I never thought I would be grateful for loss. I used to avoid loss like the plague. It’s painful. It feels like a gut punch. It has always felt like the absence of love. 

Well someone dear to me just

Season 2: Episode 3: How To Handle Addiction and Relationships with Stephan Naff

Have you ever wondered how having an addiction can affect relationships? How about being in recovery?  In this recent episode of Midlife Love Out Loud, we dove in deeply with this huge topic of recovery and partnership. If you wonder …

Season 2: Episode 2: 5- Key Components to Next Level Love with Junie Moon

As you get older, it’s not unusual to feel like your ship has sailed and that it’s too late for love. Now with Co-vid, you might feel hopeless and more held back than ever before.

DON’T GIVE UP! Love is

Season 2: Episode 1: The Road to Financial Freedom with Adrienne Grace

Are you afraid you don’t have enough money? Does it stress you out when you think about your finances?  This is a huge topic and A MUST LISTEN TO episode. Without financial stability and a good plan to get it,