Discover Your Hidden Shadows that Hold You Back

— and Shine a Light on Your Brilliance!

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Amp Up Your Inner Yes!

Avoid the 3 Big Mistakes Women Business Owners Make that Keep Them

Overworked, Unfulfilled and Empty


When you own your worth and have a deep Knowing you are “special”, something extraordinary happens. You have the power to overcome any obstacle and live a life you love. In this mind expanding, humorous and practical talk discover:

  • 3 Steps to Quiet Your Inner Critic
  • How to Be Friends with Your Fear
  • Excelling in Business when you Radiate your Inner Yes and True Confidence
  • The Power of “NO”—How to Wield it Wisely
  • How to Trust Your Gut, Speak Your Truth

            And Be Yourself and Love It!

Your Audience will leave this talk with a new found clarity, confidence and conviction to move themselves forward toward their dreams.



Be Yourself and Love it!

How You Can Embrace all of who you are unapologetically and thrive


When you love yourself fully and reclaim all of your precious personality traits, the sky's the limits in all aspects of your life; personal and business. After years of accumulating achievements and doing all the “right things”, you’re still feeling unfulfilled. empty,  alone.  In this eye-opening, transformative talk, you’ll:

  • Honor your Past, Learn the Lessons and Set Yourself Free
  • Welcome Inner Joy and Satisfaction to Lift Your Spirits High
  • Learn to Live Life on Your Terms and Feel Empowered
  • Express Your Authentic Self Without Fear
  • Experience Vibrancy and Aliveness that Amps up Your Life Game

And Love the Whole Package of Who You Are

Your Audience will leave this talk with a new found freedom inside their hearts allowing them to soar in their intimate and business relationships.

"Junie Moon’s workshop was a true gift of healing and growth. It allowed me to see more clearly, with so much more love and compassion, my own shadow. Bringing it/them into the light allows me to live and shine from my true nature, which I believe is the reason I was born.

Junie Moon is wonderful & authentic facilitator and brought creative ways to practice long after the workshop was over."  Rev. Frankie Timmers Center for Spiritual Living,  Morristown, NJ




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"Tame Your Inner Critic" in Baja Mexico.



Junie Moon, Inner Critic Tamer & Love Mentor helps people experience Transformation-that -Sticks. An international speaker, best-selling author of “Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud, and documentarian of Shed the Shame, Junie uses her Certified Shadow® Facilitator background to shine a light for people to learn how to live in a new way with confidence, joy and ease.