Love is the Answer to Everything

Minutes after arriving back on US soil I called my mom only to find out my grandma was dying. I knew she had started hospice but they said it could be weeks or longer before she went. My mother told me she had been relatively incoherent for days. I didn’t expect to have any conversation with her again but that was so far from the truth. The past five days have been the most precious of days. Strange to say when I am speaking about letting go of one of my most cherished people on this earth.

I drove directly from the airport to be with her. I came in her room, kissed her forehead and her eyes opened! She smiled and said “you’re here. How was your trip? And that I was beautiful “.  I had been away for almost two weeks in Fiji at an event that was about mastering my life. Well those two weeks prepared me for this in so many ways. I am off sugar and caffeine and able to be fully present for my grandma and family. My heart is open and tears are flowing. And I am able to comfort her with words and smiles and stories as she comes and goes.  When she is alert, which at this point is rare, she cries and smiles and does her best to communicate her love. We, my mom, brother and I, tell her how much we love her and its ok to go to her husband waiting on the other side. She is such a bright light who has loved life and is still holding on. One time we told her to close her eyes and rest and she said she didn’t wanna miss anything and she would be sleeping soon  enough for a long time. And last night she woke to say love is the answer to everything.

Watching her go is a gift. It’s a rich experience I will hold in my heart forever and it is so bittersweet. I have loved her my whole life and she me. She will be missed by so many.

– Junie Moon

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