Golden Life-Changing Questions Part One

Your beliefs shape you.

If you don’t believe they shape you, where did you get the belief that your beliefs don’t shape you?

Everything you think effects you. How you feel. How you interact with people. How you live and love and are with everything and everyone.

As you approach the New Year, I invite you to ask yourself some important questions…

#1: Do you want to have more peace in your life?   Of course you do!

#2: Is it important for you to have healthy relationships?  YES! You want your relationships to rock!

#3: Most important Question:  I invite you to meditate on this, for the answer could make your next year  totally different  than the previous years.

What would your life look like if you really didn’t care what other people think?


And lastly…Where did you get the belief that it matters what people think?

Take some time. Really ask yourself this question. Journal on it.  Comment below.

Keep an eye out for the next Golden, Life-Changing questions….

2 thoughts on “Golden Life-Changing Questions Part One

  1. What family and close friends think is important. If you treat others as you would like to be treated then there should be no issue of concern.

    1. In theory yes but how you treat others may not be how they want to be treated. love is the way to go for sure. Knowing we are coming from our hearts unconditionally is key. If we have an expectation, that’s where we have the challenge. If you treat your relations like you want ot be treated and then they don’t then what?

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