I Can’t See!!!!

Well, it was time. I had to accept I need to wear glasses.  I was using reading glasses to read and other glasses to see long distance so I took the plunge and got progressives (glasses that do both). WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LIFE AND JOY? KEEP FOLLOWING ALONG THE WINDING ROAD OF THIS STORY.

So it is crazy how difficult it is to train yourself to see clearly. Gotta look up to see distance and low if reading. Finding the sweet spot for all places in my vision is tricky. And it is training. The brain has to get used a new way of seeing, adapt and then set it in stone.  Here is where the life and joy part kicks in. Life is like that too. We have our beliefs and our ways of doing things. Our patterns are set to a large extent and we do things in a certain way. BUT that too can change. If the behavior isn’t working for us or we are not full of joy, we can actually change the brain and it will adapt. You just need some great tools and a willingness to be open to changing. A desire to change. Shadow work and Tony Robbin’s work re-trains the brain. New neural pathways are created with this type of work. So are you ready to change?

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