With warmer weather and longer days, it’s safe to say that Spring is well on her way! Spring has Sprung The Grass is here What will you grow in your garden this year? It’s also the perfect time of year to start thinking about your “Love Garden” and what delicious seeds you want to plant. […]

Hello Soul Sister love seeker amazing woman! Maybe you are newly single, or maybe you have been out in the dating world for a while trying to meet someone online…but, at some stage in the dating process, there will come a time when the only button on your profile you’ll want to click on is […]

When you think of dating, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s such a drag. All the good guys are taken. This is so much work! There’s so much scamming going on. Sound familiar?  Most women who have been single and out there for a while have experienced this nightmare dating scenario firsthand. You […]

The New Year is about starting fresh with a clean slate, and I’ve got to tell you…I’m so excited for all of us to have a fresh start in 2021! It’s an amazing thing when you set an intention and then have the follow-through. With every new year comes unlimited possibility. Every day becomes a new chance to […]

Has this ever happened to you? It’s Valentine’s Day… you expect flowers… a card… attention… something that has you feel loved…and nothing happens?! Well it happened to me while I was married. It hurt so badly. I kinda thought it was a no brainer- if you love someone; you do something for them on this […]

Have you ever heard of Marie Kondo? She’s the one that wrote the book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. I read that book and it really changed my life. What I just realized is you can Kondo your love life too. You want to have joy, right? You want to feel close to your […]

I don’t know about you but I’m on FIRE!!!  I set some pretty hefty goals for 2020 and wow, things are happening.  How’s it going for you? You on track for what (or who) you want to call in for 2020? It’s an amazing thing when you set an intention and then have the follow-through. […]

Recently, my boyfriend and I had an uncomfortable thing happen. The details are private and not mine to share so I need to be a bit vague. Thanks for understanding. The message I will share though is HUGE! So this thing happened and I felt my stomach in knots. I felt scared. I wasn’t sure […]

In the most recent FB Live Video (Click here) I teach some of the huge “mistakes” people make in the love realm. Are you choosing consciously where your love life is headed?  You just might be in the passenger’s seat on your love path and that’s not going to work for you. If you are […]

Full disclosure…I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Life has felt hard and these past few weeks have been especially difficult. November 7th was the seven-year anniversary of when my son left. Sadly we are still estranged and it hurts deeply.  He’s doing well so I’m grateful, but I miss him terribly and […]

You like to flow and feel peaceful, right? Who likes to struggle? Certainly not me! What if you need to struggle to get to the flow stage? I just learned about the 4 stages of FLOW and it really helped me take the shame off of some of the states of being I can experience […]

You have an amazing opportunity today, this week, always! I invite you to your own Halloween party. In the spirit of Halloween, I want to suggest you try on a new life costume. Have you ever played it small and didn’t speak up when you knew in your gut something wasn’t right? Do you say […]

Endings can feel so hard and today I am experiencing one that is really tough. Click here to see my recent video on how I handled my loss and why opening your heart to love can bring so many unexpected gifts. You see, a dear friend of mine who has lived with me for over […]

Have you ever been in love, thrilled to have found your person, on cloud nine, only to be slammed with a flock of birds that pushed you off course? And you wonder, WTF? I didn’t see it coming!!! That’s sort of what happened. My love and I have been enjoying the magic of our new […]

Before I share why I am crying, here’s some full transparency… I ended an amazing and extremely destructive relationship November of 2017. Yep. It was both. I met a man that had me swoon. AND it was messy! He had qualities I was hungry for AND he also came with some pretty intense baggage. I […]

Is there something you want to change but you feel stuck or just can’t seem to get traction? It can be frustrating when you truly want to feel happier but keep falling into the same old default patterns which gives you the same exact day you had yesterday. I bet you thought today would be […]

I did a short, important rant on Tuesday’s Facebook live about Captain Marvel. I will not spoil the movie, I promise. And I do recommend it. It was fun. However, I do want to comment on one of the movie’s messages. Feel free to just go to the video. Click here to watch I start […]

Are you feeling it? Is your life in full bloom or have you not broken ground yet? Are you in the budding stage or are your roots just taking hold? If you have access to what I call Next Level Love where you feel seen, heard connected and fulfilled by the people and partner(s) in […]

It seems crazy but if you’re not pissing people off, you may be kissing way too much butt. Let me explain… So many of us fear conflict. I get it. It can feel scary and unpleasant. It can feel like a disconnect from the people you love. So why would you want to ruffle someone […]

Do you ever doubt yourself and feel like no matter what you do, you are flawed? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, life just isn’t conspiring for your success and it just feels so hard? Do you believe your inner critic? It hurts when we doubt ourself. It hurts when we […]

This will be a bit of a well-thought out rant and I hope you get A LOT from it cause it’s uber important. People are hurting. This time of year especially, people are feeling so much.  I too am hurting. As you may know, my son left my life over 6 years ago. He is doing […]

Have you ever come in contact with a shame slinger? Someone who vomits all their shit onto you and then you feel slimed? In my most recent FB Live Tea time Tuesday Episode, I shared the most embarrassing moment of my life.  It happened in 1993 before I had done all my healing. This moment was […]

Did you ever want something so badly you could taste it BUT you find yourself blocking the very thing you want? It seems crazy. If you really want it, why would you stop yourself? We also like shortcuts. We want what we want NOW. Not months from now. Certainly not years. We want it now […]

Are you ready for some traction toward your dreams? In the last email we looked at the concepts: Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake. Then I pointed out how your unconscious beliefs are running your life show and that wanting something a lot isn’t enough to get you going if unconsciously you think you […]

Are you ready to have a big aha moment? This blog might be a game-changer. Seriously. I want to talk to you about taking chances and why you sometimes hold yourself back. AND I want to help you have a breakthrough. There is a reason you’re stuck and if you want to invite in a […]

I was so close to throwing in the towel. I had an idea to start a cool new group through and after over 5 attempts to get it approved, nothing. Denied. Denied. Denied. I thought maybe the universe was telling me it wasn’t a good idea and I should let it go. But my […]

Wow, I had a wild dream that had so much meaning I just had to share it with you! The message is really profound and truly what I needed to hear and I know it will be a great message for you as well. In the dream, there was a very large dragon made out […]

Woof!!! I don’t woof to just anyone but my amazing owner Junie Moon thought my woof message might help you take your love life to the next level. Woof!!! So recently, you might have seen Junie post about my mishap that had me end up in the cone of shame. Yep, I had to wear […]

So… something pretty amazing happened. I literally transformed my fat in a heartbeat of time. Seriously. Here is the before picture of me with my extra flesh on my back… and here is the video of me explaining what happened to it. I can write about it but frankly, I think you gotta just hear […]

You probably know by now, I’m willing to share almost anything with you if I think it can help you expand your comfort zone and allow more love into your life. I use my life as a tool to guide you to what’s possible and to let you know, I’m not perfect and still learning. […]

As Mother’s Day approaches I find myself still without my son and I am hurting. It’s been over 5 years of no contact – not my choice. It is beyond ridiculous, makes no sense and yet this is my reality. I have many people, including his dad, telling me over and over what a great […]

Here’s the deal, no one likes to be disappointed or worse disappoint another – especially if you love them and want to make them happy. The thing is, if you walk on eggshells to not rock the boat with a beloved, you are most likely going to abandon your own needs.Tricky dance! Let me give you […]

I fell down the stairs last month… well sort of. I caught myself before I tumbled all the way down. I’m ok, but I did get a bit bumped and bruised. The good news? This is a metaphor of what really happened to me. I slipped. I share this in hopes that if you find […]

First the apology. As you might know, after my book launch in September, I sort of crashed…I worked really hard to made it a bestseller – mission accomplished – and I burnt myself out which rocked my world in the sleep category. Major insomnia hit. Yowza! You’d think if I was exhausted, I would sleep for months… […]

  First, let me just say, THANK YOU, Friend! Thank you for all your support these past weeks. My book is a best-seller! Wahoo! The best part? People are learning/growing/healing/and transforming. People are discovering the power of Shadow Work® and I’m thrilled. I’m now getting ready to create the audio version and a special 4 […]

Wow, things seem tough right now, huh? People are struggling, land is burning, rockets are flying, men we looked up to are dropping like flies and things are crazy messy! It can have you feeling disheartened.

  There are times I wonder, “What the heck am I doing with my work? Am I making a difference? Am I wasting my life and money for a dream that can’t be manifest? I should quit!” I love what I do. I believe so strongly in the power of transformation from shadow work, BUT… my […]

    I am experiencing one of my shadows rearing its ugly head! I’m feeling a bit of shame around this share. Here I am the “expert” of shadow work and I am dealing with an out-of-control shadow. There is a part of me thinking: Ooh, what will you think if you know I still suffer […]

The fear is kicking in!!! Ugh!

Even in the “perfect” body, women still feel can feel something is wrong with them. Where do we get these ideas? In this video I begin to explore where these messages come from. What is beauty, really?

I know more than ever why I am doing this project! I met this awesome woman in the woods and what a conversation we had!

Getting some comments about my “getting naked” project that are stinging a bit. I do what I do because I feel called to do it in the name of healing and sharing my journey to lead others to heal as well. Still, today it feels hard. What a journey.

The countdown begins…

I ate chocolate! Find out what happened…

In this first video, I give you a peak into my newest journey. I am about to get naked, for real, and body painted by the world renowned Andy Golub, for a very good reason! Watch and join me as I embark on quite a big new life ride…

I made a huge mistake. I didn’t realize it at the time, but days later, when I was restarting my computer; I saw an open document that I used in an email, and I had an OMG! typo in it.  I quickly looked at my email praying I had caught the horrible mistake before pressing […]


As Mother’s Day approaches,  I’ve been thinking… There are  mothers, perhaps you, who find this day bitter-sweet. Even painful because of a loss of a child or a challenge with your kid. Maybe you’re not seen for how beautiful you are or how much you have given from your heart and soul. I offer to […]

Sometimes life feels hard, ya know? I had “one of those days” recently. I share this with you because it helps to know you’re not alone and there are simple yet profound ways to HANDLE the Fukushima’s in your life. Thankfully it wasn’t as disastrous as a nuclear melt down, but it could have been […]

I believe life, as you know it, see it, feel it, day to day, isn’t real. I believe with every ounce of my being you are Spirit. I believe on this earthly plane, what is real…your essence, can not be harmed.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re in a relationship or not, I’m curious if you felt full in your heart yesterday. Just like you, I saw all the posts on Facebook…numerous pictures of flowers and kisses and sweet memes and sweethearts reminding us all to feel the joy of this lovely Hallmark-made occasion. How […]

Junie, when I read this article, I knew I had to share it. I invite you to keep an open mind and heart so that you can grow, expand and perhaps have a new perspective on this whole crazy political, environmental, social, religious, everything uncomfortable and troubling changing climate we are all experiencing. I invite […]

Your beliefs shape you. Now that you have spent time pondering (and hopefully journaling) the question from last week, “What would your life be like if you didn’t care what other people think? ”, here’s another great question… What happened or who had you believe what other people think matters? We are looking at beliefs, why […]

Your beliefs shape you. If you don’t believe they shape you, where did you get the belief that your beliefs don’t shape you? Everything you think effects you. How you feel. How you interact with people. How you live and love and are with everything and everyone. As you approach the New Year, I invite you […]

I was in a funk and made a very cool, funny video that I posted on Facebook and I figured I would share with you too. I guess I shocked a few people but mostly, people loved it.  What’s a girl to do when in a funk? Well, when in the land of funk, get funky […]

The other night, one of my clients said something so profound and revealing – and I believe most of us have felt the impact of this one! While speaking about her relationship struggles she said, “Disney really messed me up!”  At first we both laughed and then we dove into what that really meant and the […]

Nothing? Blank space? Possibilities galore? Space to create anything? What’s the right answer? Whichever you choose, really. How does the empty white board feel to you? Does it have you feel some fear? Do you feel afraid when you don’t know what’s next?Does it excite you, because in your gut, you know that anything is possible […]

You might have heard how I have been struggling these past 6 weeks with menopause. Yep, the switch turned on and sleep (or what I remember of it…) is a rare occurrence. I believe everything in my life happens “for” me, and not “to” me. And though this is a normal stage of life, my […]

I just had to share this moment with you! I decided to clean my mirror in my bathroom. It didn’t look dirty, but I thought it could use a once over. AMAZING! What I thought was clean certainly was not. Suddenly, I was seeing so much more clearly.  Made me think about life…how over time, […]

Friend, have you ever seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? It’s a great film. Not only because it’s funny, but also, it has an amazing message. Just in case you have been living under a rock and have not seen it, I’ll be careful not to spoil it for you too much! It’s about a […]

I’m not perfect. Ok, you probably knew that, but did you know… I can sometimes go overboard and eat one too many chocolate chip cookies and fear I will go back to 200 pounds? THEN I hate myself and feel the old “you’re not good enough” thoughts come flooding back? OR sometimes I feel very alone […]

  I cut off his head and it went rolling- yikes It happened. Years ago. When I didn’t speak up and share what was inside of me– the pain, the fear, my anger, my sadness. I would blow! I yelled. I was a crazy person. I would burst out in anger or crumble in deep sadness. It […]

I have an important question to ask you. Are you loving yourself deeply and prospering, feeling the richness of your life and deep joy? Or, are you blocking yourself in some way that has you left feeling stuck in the mud – feeling disempowered and in slow motion? Have you taken the time to go […]

I am celebrating my birthday suit and whoa, this is getting real!!!

You might have noticed how quiet I’ve been. It’s not because I don’t think of you. I am always thinking of you! I wonder what to tell you and how to offer insights to enhance your life. That is what totally floats my boat. I love offering my life journey to teach strategies and life […]

  Ah, another healing opportunity. I just had one pop up and say “Hey Junie, I’m still here! Nah Nah Nananana!” And to my credit, I believe, I said bring it on!!! That’s what happened last week when I was being videotaped for The Relationship Goddess show. I knew I was going to be up […]

There is a dance of voices in my head. One voice encourages me to write something thought provoking and supportive so I can help you take flight upward and soar into the highest expression of yourself. The other voice reminds me that I am in my own vortex of change today so maybe I shouldn’t […]

Today, my heart stirred. I felt a rush. Every piece of music Pandora played confirmed it. I am deeply in love. Yes, Deeply. Head over heals and feeling my heart sing with joy beyond anything I could have imagined. Who is this lucky person? Who has won my heart over and has my deepest commitment […]

Today I thought about some of the mothers out there. Perhaps you. You may find this day bitter-sweet, perhaps even painful because of a loss of a child or a challenge with your child, maybe you are not seen for how beautiful you are or how much you have given from your heart and soul, […]

I have been thinking about our Soul’s Mission here on this planet. I have been thinking about all of the struggles humans feel and the pain and I asked why? What’s it really about? You know what? I believe we covered up our Soul-  withshoulds, expectations, fears, how to be, how not to be, the […]

I wept today. Deeply. Old grief appeared, and I knew I must release it to be whole, to be healed, to allow joy back in. With the work I do, I know holding on and pushing things aside will just cause more pain. I know too much now to let things linger. I honor my […]

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What I discovered was quite a shock and it saddened me. Did you know that 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within 18 months? With all the hard work, foundation laying, marketing, and dreaming about what is possible, entrepreneurs are unable to thrive. They’re doing all the right things, and are still not seeing […]

In a talk recently  I spoke about risks, and how you must assess what you think might happen if you  go for what you want. What might happen if you stand up in front of a networking meeting and tell everyone about your services? What is scary about that? What’s risky about living authentically? These concerns […]

Wow, the last several weeks have been amazing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be sharing with hundreds of people (on my teleseminar) what I know about healing and transformation – and to be receiving such great feedback. My heart is singing! Many of you resonated with my journey and the […]

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If the sun is out and it’s snowing what should you look for? Snowbows…of course! Yes I know – It ‘s friggin’ cold out!  (Well, at least it is for me, I’m on the East Coast!  Brrr!)  If you’re cold like me, the oil is running low, your skin is drying up, the snow removal […]

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Here is a story I know you will get a kick out of AND learn something really awesome so you can move from feeling fearful to feeling fearless. My honey and I had just arrived in Tobago for our vacation. We were escorted to our lovely efficiency apartment. We unpacked, got cozy and began to […]

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What do you want to have happen? If we don't know what it is we want, we're starting off blind.Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change meClick here for the Part 2 of Mission ISpossible Module 1

Hey!  Happy New Year!  How’s your 2015 so far? Remember I sent you a story about how scared sh*tless I was of diving – and how it was for me doing it anyway?  Well, I have an update for you… I did it! I did it I did it! (Imagine me doing the happy dance […]

Last week I shared with you how my newest endeavor of learning to scuba dive is pushing some big friggin’ buttons. The main one being FEAR!  And, how the scuba diving can be a metaphor for anything in life. With each new adventure, different feelings show up –like the fear of failure, fear of not […]

In my last blog I shared that this week would be about spiritual mindset, and how we can we have a healthier dance with the “dramas” of our life. And while that is true and I want to share my perspective on that, something else came up I wanted to share first that I know […]

Recently , a coaching client found out that I have some major challenges with my son. She was shocked that I experience feelings of loss, pain and deep sadness on a regular basis, and that my mommy heart aches. What really threw her is the same question most of us ask ourselves. How can you […]

Happy Autumn!   It seems crazy to me how the time flies.  It was just yesterday I was dancing for joy that winter was over and here we are again with the days getting shorter and the leaves turning. There was a time I would be really bummed about it. I focused on what I […]

As some of you may know, I had a very bad accident a couple of weeks ago. I tried…(emphasis on tried) to water ski. I am always looking to embrace life fully and push beyond my boundaries of fear, water being one of them. I don’t even feel comfy jumping into a pool. Really! I […]

  If you know me at all, you know I love life and cannot get enough of it!  My joke is I wish I had a few more bodies to do all the things I want to do. I get frustrated and even depressed when I can’t do it all. The strange thing is I […]

Hello sadness, For so long, I have resisted you. You have lingered in the background calling me and inviting me to experience you and I have said no, not now, not a good time, too much life to live and more manifesting of joy to be had and shared. I have dabbled in you, with […]

I  have shared my journey in words with many of you. But I  have not in pictures. I think pictures reveal so much and perhaps that is why it has not happened until now.  Such vulnerability. You see I struggled with my weight and my self image for most of my life. Being up and […]

I am in LOVE!!!! With me!  O.K. you might be wondering why I would share this with you? Well, why not?  Might you judge me for being a narcissist?  I am willing to take that risk cause I know it is healthy love! How many of you have really taken the time to see how […]

Well, it was time. I had to accept I need to wear glasses.  I was using reading glasses to read and other glasses to see long distance so I took the plunge and got progressives (glasses that do both). WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LIFE AND JOY? KEEP FOLLOWING ALONG THE WINDING ROAD […]

I just came back from facilitating 31 women at an initiatory weekend called Women in power. Here we looked at and transformed those harmful voices that criticize and keep us down. We listened for those big harmful messages we tell ourselves that keep us small and make us feel scared about being who we are […]

Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. On the teleseminar last week, just as I was on a roll, I got dropped. Well thankfully my colleagues picked up the reigns and I was able to jump back in right where I left off. No biggy. BUT this past weekend when I had to cancel […]

Everything is moving so fast. Do you feel it? My mom pointed out I misspelled a word in a post. Yikes!! I would have been devastated years ago but now I say hmmmm, what was that about? Ahh, moving faster than a speeding bullet and I am not superwoman. Might need to slow down huh? […]

Recently I was presented with a very difficult, heart-wrenching experience. One I choose not to share the specifics to protect some other people’s privacy, otherwise I would fully disclose the details.  It means a lot to me to offer my journey and truth in hopes of helping others’ that may be feeling or experiencing the […]

Minutes after arriving back on US soil I called my mom only to find out my grandma was dying. I knew she had started hospice but they said it could be weeks or longer before she went. My mother told me she had been relatively incoherent for days. I didn’t expect to have any conversation […]

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